How and When to Market Your Home

Marketing Your Home to Be Sold

When you are thinking about marketing a residential property for sale there are numerous factors that should be considered by any seller. Selling a home yourself can be tedious and sometimes even dangerous.

First of all, I don’t believe a seller thinks about having the home open themselves. I have worked with buyers who own in a different area and tell me they plan to sell the house they are residing in without an agent. It sounds like a great idea, saving all of that money and not hiring a professional. I have to ask myself if they have imagined holding an open house with their family involved. Strange people, walking through your home, seeing you, your family, your things and basically how you live. Real Estate Agents are well versed on the vibes others project when they come through a property they have open to the public and there are guidelines a professional Realtor follows.

Most of the time when I speak to an owner who wants to sell their home, they generally put a price tag on it that they think it should sell for. Sometimes this number has nothing to do with what else has sold in the neighborhood that compares to their home. One may see the house down the street sold for a million dollars. Wow. Maybe mine would sell for that, too. Well, it could if it is as nicely equipped, has the same exposure, square footage, amenities and essential repairs. The problem is that most owners do not take all of this into consideration. Just that million dollar price tag on the other home. It often leads to disappointment when they realize they cannot sell their $700,000 home for that number.

Then there is advertising. Are you a marketing expert? Do you have someone handy who is? A professional real estate agency does. A lot goes into getting a home ready for the open market where it will be potentially viewed online by millions. Once the photography is finished, there is a timeline of events that will take place until the home goes into the contract phase and is finally sold to someone else. The details will crunch someone who doesn’t know the procedures of contract to close. Would a prior home appraisal be advantageous? Could be. How about inspections? Hmmmmm. Just a few things that everyone should think about.

To be able to know your sale is being handled properly, just have a professional help. Of all of those buyers I have had tell me that they would sell themselves, only ONE that I know of did. Hire a pro and let it go.